Hi I’m Anne Smith, Die-Hard Star Trek Fan, Peace Ambassador and Founder of Iron Sharpens Iron Council.I’m not special or super talented… I just found a better way to learn how to crush legal research.And it all began with my passion for learning and sharing my journey on Facebook. This transformed me from Ph.D. candidate to thought leader in Micro Nations & Self-Determination with 10,000+ Hours of Legal Research.

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My Story - Two Life-changing Events that Sparked a Movement

When I first started studying law, it wasn’t because I wanted to become a lawyer or paralegal. It was because I was the victim of the corrupt judge in a family court matter and corrupt prosecutor in a criminal court case. After I witnessed bold-face lies and false evidence in open court, I knew something was terribly wrong but I didn’t know what to do about it. I found myself feeling totally disgusted with the legal system but I honestly didn’t know where to begin and I often felt lost and confused.

I struggled for years and ended up getting scammed out of thousands of dollars by self-proclaimed legal experts and gurus. I was easy prey for scammers and one scammer told me that I had to pay him “the stupid tax” as he ran off with my $5,000. Sadly, these unkind personalities who make lofty promises are a dime a dozen, use you as a crash dummy to test their legal theories only to abandon you or worse — will get you arrested.


It was humiliating and a bit deflating and I felt robbed of my dignity. I felt like giving up. But I held on and pushed past the pain because I really wanted to learn how the law works so I could learn how to help myself and people I care about.

After years of trial and error and many, many scammers later, I emerged with learning how to make law work. As my foundation of knowledge grew, so did my level of confidence and all I wanted to do was to help others who were interested in learning law to experience the same breakthroughs they needed without the years of stress I had endured. So I started a free study group on Facebook and then launched this website three years later. None it was planned and I’m still learning how to manage all of the moving pieces.

I believe in the power of love and being a united front, which is why I named the study group Iron Sharpens Iron Council which is aligned with my principle to embrace the spirit of cooperation and to be surrounded with like-minded people who are kind and peaceful. The definition of a council is a group of equals moving together for the benefit of all, the perfect idea because it clearly signifies that every member’s voice matter and everyone has a seat at the table.



I realized very early in research that it is going to TAKE A VILLAGE to be a powerful truth-teller, justice-seeker and nation-builder inside our FREE Facebook Group with guiding principles to show we’re strong, kind, bold and independent.

So if…

You’re new or struggling to do legal research you’re overwhelmed with no idea where to start you believe “law is only for wealthy people who can afford lawyers, legal research will never work for me”.


Our Free Facebook Group is Perfect for you! It was created especially for the determined man and woman who desire advanced knowledge to peacefully co-exist in an ever-changing world. Inside you’ll you’ll gain access to: Live Videos, Shared Personal Experiences, Answers to Your Most Pressing Questions, Shared Road Maps, Insights for the Journey, Advanced Strategies, Supportive Community, and Bonus Material not available to the public. We’re all in this together!


So make this your time to take back your power. Join my free Facebook study group so you can fin​​​​ally be among like-minded people who are on the same journey.

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