You don’t want to be stuck IN A rabbit hole studying and researching law for 15 years. You want to beat the $hit out of your legal issues!


And you want to do it in less time and with more success than your average joe, despite the huge learning curve and deeply entrenched indoctrination from the public school system.


Well, now you can.


This is iron sharpens iron council —take a seat at the table where you get Maximum results, with Minimal Effort. Even if you’re new to studying and researching law.


“Studying hard” isn’t remotely enough to succeed…  You need the right tools.  


To become adept in private operations so you can overcome legalese, it’s important to understand the framework of law and how you fit into it.  It’s like a puzzle piece in a large maze that keeps changing.  Not easy to navigate.

AND worse, when you don’t know what you don’t know, it’s a completely different beast — which won’t end well.  Unless you enjoy risking a trip to the pokey wearing PRISON orange jumpsuit for submitting an insane amount of illegal paperwork  that will undoubtedly get you labeled as a paper terrorist or having an order for a mental health evaluation….

ANY of the old research tactics you developed from self-proclaimed “experts” and “gurus” — doesn’t help.

I’ve been there. Done that. Bought the t-shirt. And lost thousands of valuable time and money in the process.

This is why understanding the framework of law and the law of nations is so important to doing well.

If you can master the framework, you’ll know exactly what to look for and how to restore your highest lawful standing in the public domain.  And you won’t need to file 100 pages that are impossible to recall during an encounter with a public servant.

You’ll go from complete beginner to adept and soaring past your peers on the way to knowledge of law and comprehension of your true Self.


A few years ago, I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I believed that all I had to was tell the truth in court and hire a lawyer and it would be a piece of cake. WRONG! That was 7 years ago, and I got my azz kicked in court with the opposing counsel telling blatant and bold-faced lies in open court AND I had already shelled out a whopping $40,0000 in legal fees! And I still lost the case!  ??


Well that was then and this is now because after I clocked 10,000 in research hours, my confidence began to soar as I learned how to turn the tables on my adversaries and I have to admit that it feels damn good!  I learned my rights and I learned how to enforce my rights in ANY legal arena on my own — without a lawyer and now you can too!  ???‍♀️


It begins with the foundation and the founding is knowing who you are.  If I had known this, it would have saved me many many years of quiet desperation on my journey to the truth.   


Did you know that you are automatically presumed to be a part of a social compact where you agree to be a debt slave? Well neither did I and if you told me that I was a debt slave I wouldn’t have believed you.   


I was like a mad scientist who became obsessed with finding the solution to a problem I never even knew existed for my entire life. 

The solution is in the law of nations. 

Once you can demonstrate that you are not a PERSON, your right to self-determination by rule of international law of contract. 

This is how to defeat any government agency. 


Foundation Crash Course

This masterclass doesn’t take you deep into the weeds with a bunch of airy-fairy theory and hearsay.  Instead, you’ll receive the exact plan to establish your lawful standing in commerce based on natural law (highest law) and international law (commercial law).   

This masterclass is short and sweet and to the point without the fluff or fillers. Nothing but the nitty gritty details you need to make change happen quickly when you take massive action.

When you are ready to live in peace, you can send 6 powerful LEGAL NOTICES and you’re DONE. 

You can say “Adios contaminos!”

And tomorrow won’t be just another day. It will be an opportunity to be a great day because you will have peace of mind that your rights are declared and properly restored.

What took me 10,000 hours to leave the sea of confusion will take you just 30-minutes to read and comprehend then execute within a matter of 2 hours flat.    



How to establish the highest record!

How to remain in honor!

How to become a DIPLOMAT quickly!

How to ENFORCE your notices effectively!

How to record your notices in ONE HOUR!

6 POWERFUL Legal Notices!

How to Protect Yourself and Your Offspring!

Easy to Follow Instructions, Templates & Examples!

10,000 Hours of Legal Research!


No Attorney Necessary!

No Previous Experience Necessary!

No confusing 84-letter package sent to 100 government bureaucrats. 

All without the $1800 price tag — which is the minimum you’d spend to (a) hire a lawyer or (b) hire one of those crazy dingbats selling rehashed materials who will rob, steal and harm you.   The worst part is Neither option will teach you how to REALLY fight for your rights! 


However, you will Masterfully go from NEW legal researcher  to ADEPT in one day with this MASTERCLASS!

That’s because what took me years to unravel, will take you less 30-minutes to read.

You will have clarity like never before.


This MASTERCLASS is worth far more than you’d expect to exchange without forcing you to choose between eating or having a roof over your head to acquire this knowledge!

But you don’t have to take my word for it….


Here’s what other people had to say about  the course:


“I can honestly say, it sure would have been a hell of a lot easier if I had had that step by step process some years back.” – GTS


“As a proclaimed Moor I did not need to buy Anne’s Status Correction course, but after a recent windfall, I chose to, because it was such a reasonable cost. I have to say that after seeing what has been offered on the internet, this is the best course you’ll ever get for this type of process for the price, and surly better than a lot courses costing 10 times, or more, as much. From my research she makes sure that all your bases are properly covered, and gives you enough background and research material to easily do you own follow up research so you have the comprehension to make the weight of her process felt by those functioning only under color of law. I even learned about some practical uses I had not come across before for certain documents that could easily compensate for the price of the course. If you have not done a status correction that you know is meaningful, and upon which you know you can stand up to the color of law abuses of our current system, then I can easily recommend her course. If you have, but like me you love to learn more about what others have really done who seem to know what they’re doing, I can genuinely say that the investment in Anne’s course is worth the money. The only exception might be if you are already intimately familiar with the work of Patrick Devine, someone I had encountered but not studied in my years of research. Part of the real value of Anne’s work reall is in her curation, so you don’t have to take the time to sort wheat from chaff yourself. Whether you by her course, or not, I highly recommend that you learn Administrative Process, and that you do a status correction. Both are necessary to learn to live truly free in the Matrix that has been created to entrap us. Pax et Libertas!” -AA


“The status correction course is clearly head and shoulders above all the classes that I have ever taken on this subject matter. We are very blessed to have the ability to take a course that is so powerful and clear and on point. We have no excuses.” -ADS


“I purchased the Status Correction by Anne Smith three weeks ago and after spending time in it here’s what I know: I can feel the soul from her writing as if it she was writing it for me on paper. I read it a few times now and I know it is going to save me 3 to 4 years of research. I studied for 5 YEARS so I seen a lot of messed up paperwork from different people. None of them come close to Anne’s course. Another thing I can’t believe…the low price because everybody ask for donation in the high hundreds and thousands… but this woman is asking far less donation than what I think the course is actually worth. What I’m telling you is game recognize game and I’m telling all the people in the past ghosted on and left me lost and confused and worst off from filing unnecessary shit. whereas this course by Anne gave me clarity. I love everything because it was clear with detail on things I knew but see it again for the first time. I told you I can feel the soul already but her writing is nothing i’ve seen before and I’ve seen a lot of shit over the years. This is a spiritual journey for me and I’ve experienced a lot of growth and change already. I’m more awakening than ever to reclaim what I always was before coming into existence. Anytime I reached out to Anne she has been helpful and kind and answer my questions without handling me as if I was bothering her which is how the other people treat people. I was surprised that Anne Smith called me when I sent her message… but i appreciate that she did take the time to call and write back with much attention to detail. This rarely happens but that’s how it’s supposed to be since we on the same boat. The people I was dealing with in the past act like I was bothering them but Anne helped with a kind spirit. If you are ready to become a living man or woman on this land again this course will make that happen which I recommend 100%. I truly appreciate this woman for blessing the people with hardcore dedicated work at best!!!! If you’re ready to be a part of the solution, you need the right knowledge. Knowledge is power but the right knowledge will deliver the keys to the kingdom. This course does that.. it is an investment in yourself and the community which is why I have a duty to share my experience. You’ll realize this for yourself when you read the course for the first time and it gets better every time you read it again. Bottom line: Get the course.” – HEB


The amount of time you save is staggering


The Status Correction Course is the secret weapon I wish existed when I started studying law.   It will truly help you to go further, faster by providing you with the right foundation to empower you with knowledge to overcome any and all presumptions and assumptions about who you are and live your life as a private man or woman.   


I have never been raided or arrested or deprived of my liberty in any way shape or form for any reason.  This masterclass will establish your rightful dominion as a peaceful ambassador on a mission to bring settlement to issues in private and in public commerce. 

It is truly the next best thing to having a mentor… a course I wish existed back when I was knee-high to a grasshopper in legal research.   



Ready for the best part?

The Status Correction Masterclass is backed by a 60-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE!  If the Status Correction Masterclass doesn’t help you start saving time, energy, and more importantly, correct your status and standing in law, you get your money back, no questions asked.

(Ciick  here if you do not see the BUY NOW button  to get YOUR  Status Correction Course for only $200.)



After you’ve completed your status correction, you’re ready to learn how to manage public affairs such as court cases with confidence because now  you can learn how to win any case by enrolling in the Jurisdictionary course.  This is a online course with over 20,000+ hours of legal research written by an attorney with 30 years of work experience condensed down to 2 days!

The results? 

Absolute game changer! 

You’ll never need to hire another attorney or “so-called guru” ever again! OMG, they’re the WORST! Trust me, I know!

If I had known about this course 7 years ago and $40,000 and not to mention I could have saved a ton of heartache and many sleepless nights crying and worrying about how I was going to get through another stress inducing court case.  


This course will break down the essential elements to teach you exactly how to win your case after case within a few days, not years… and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg either.

The reality of the situation is the legal system is stacked against us.  And the sad truth is that 250 million of Americans can not afford a lawyer (or to go law school).  But with this Legal Course you can Learn how to win ANY court case without a lawyer! 


Again, the course was written and created by Dr. Graves, a lawyer with 30-Years of Practicing Law who vowed to REVEAL EVERY Legal Secret Lawyers Use!


The best part is you will learn write your case in just a few days, not 8 years!



You can even earn an honorary LAW DEGREE from American Justice Foundation® when you pass the final exam with 80% or better. 


But it doesn’t end there….


You can go to work as a legal researcher and a Legal Researchers typically earns between $62,500 and $369,500 annually with a median salary of $116,500!


The MOST important aspect about the course is gaining the confidence to help yourself and help others.


And you get everything you need for just $249 — not university student debt of $100,000!

Click the ENROLL NOW button below for more information or enroll in the Jurisdictionary course. 


                                                      (Click here if you do not see the ENROLL NOW button to enroll in Jurisdictionary Course!)




Status Correction and Jurisdictionary together provide a clear path to empower you to learn how to operate in private and public successfully.  

Full Disclosure: I only recommend resources that I either created or use myself. There’s no hype or fluff here—just the very best stuff that I found to be essential to helping you to shorten the learning curve on your journey to beginner to adept.  It is that spirit that I highly recommend the Jurisdictionary Course with my affiliate link, which means that if you choose to enroll, I will earn a commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you. Please understand that I have interviewed Dr. Graves and I have experience with this course, and I recommend it because they it is helpful and useful, not because of the small commissions I make if you decide to enroll. Please do not spend any money on this product unless you feel you need it or that it will help you achieve your goals. 

Pax et lux (peace and light). – Anne Smith


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