“The Mission Possible Workshop series is heart-centered, generational wealth programs I created for advocates and humanitarians because I believe good people can do more good with more. And I truly believe by normalizing generational wealth coupled with humanitarian endeavors and legal knowledge we can change the direction of our own lives and indeed, change our history within one generation. My Blueprints offer the ultimate skip button to becoming bigger, braver, and more brilliant so you can impact the world along and living."




“Talking to Anne during our consultation was the confirmation I needed that leaving my job will reap the reward I am seeking. I almost felt like Neo talking to the Oracle in Matrix”

- Daurice J -

“The workshop has made me more motivated as well as mentally relaxed and focused than ever before. The information we receive is astronomically beneficial in multiple ways. I love that the concepts are varied for the public side and direct for the private. Im more confident in achieving my desired results but only because of the guidance we receive. The platform is well worth it. I feel as though we are a little family, constantly supporting each other in each endeavor. Its a brilliant concept and structured with love! I feel very secure in regards to knowing what I want and how to achieve it. The workshop has opened the doors to an unlimited potential of success.”

- Leslie H -

“Anne impressed me as an intelligent and caring woman. I believe that she is someone that actually cares about what she is doing.”

- James H -

“My meeting with Anne was encouraging, inspiring, and uplifting. Anne is it a wonderfully gifted and generous woman with an amazing dedication to unearthing the truth. And sharing it!!!.”

- Crystal J -

“Oh WOW, WOW, WOW, AND SUPER, "WOW" ! I was a 'believer' before, but I learned enough to be one hell of an excited believer now. DO NOT MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY. I have always said that everyone gets two chances in life to become wealthy. THIS is one of those opportunities. Spend the funds to get in line. Even if you are not in the first twenty, this is an 'on-going' class so EVERYONE WILL get in at some point. With the information shared during the interview, you should make a 100% profit within 30-60 days IF you apply it.”

- Adam W -

“I am overjoyed to be a part of the experience of learning with Anne, and to digging into new uncharted territory with regards to personal wealth. Cheers to a new way of living, one that gives a great opportunity to rise to the occasion of creating my personal vision! I will be #theboldmold into the territory of my dreams!.”

- Maggie C -

“It is a learning experience like none other. It's a pleasure being able to communicate and bounce ideas around with those of like mind. After last night's meeting, I experienced a sense of strength and encouragement. Instead of just seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, I see myself standing in the light.”

- Damita J -

“Since being in the workshop I have found other ways to provide service to humanity and I also get the feeling of being around family working together to help one another and get what we need to help others. Here, I am guided to be better and do better.”

- Cynthia M -

“This story starts in the year 2019, I was a very tough year but with the help of Anne's knowledge of the legal system and law...2020 has been a much better year for myself and my daughter.. I will explain.

December 13th ,2020 ...at this time my daughter and I were still making up time missed due to my child's mother throwing every roadblock she could in the way of me seeing my daughter...this took place for four months. We have always lived in Illinois but on Dec 13th...I was in for a surprise. I recieved an email from my childs mother on the 13th and it stated that she and my child are now RESIDENTS OF ALABAMA! She did this in secret and forced my daughter not to tell me a thing AND she filed for child support and full custody in ALABAMA!...a state that I had never been to , a state that is 800 miles away and a state where I now needed legal help in. I've never had to deal with the legal system before so I essentially knew nothing about it. Upon reading the email one could only imagine the range of emotions and shock that came over me , I was engaged in a battle that totally came from the blind side

Dec 13 was a Friday so I decided to spend as much time with my daughter as possible(I happened to have her when her mother sent the email) because I know in the coming week....I HAD WORK TO DO!! Knowing nothing , I sought after an attorney hoping get a free consultation. My prayer was answered and I found an attorney willing to give me free advice. Our call lasted no more than 5 minutes ,as he was at the court house as we spoke. In those 5 minutes , he gave me a sense of direction in which I took advantage of immediately. I drove around the city all day collecting necessary documents , the following day, I was at the courthouse filing my petition. The clerks were very kind to me and I ended up with an emergency court hearing 3 days later. Now I had every box checked except one...actually knowing what to say and how to say it in open court. I've heard about pro se litigants being eaten alive in court due to ignorance of the law and having no attorney. To say the least I am worried and not just the regular worried....I'm talking about not sleeping or eating right worried ...I'm talking about my daughter, my pride and joy being removed 800 miles away from me!!. To say the least , there was much at stake. In ways, I was thankful for that worry because it created a sense of desperation and when humans are desperate , they tend to explore avenues they normally would not...everyone has to feel that. So, as fate would have it, after hours and hours of trying to pick up any information I could while passing up YouTube alleged legal experts charging ridiculous amounts of money , I ran into the ironsharpensironcouncils YouTube page.

This was the first channel that spoke to my inner man. There is something in us all, if we lead honest lives, that is able to decipher when something is fraudulent or authentic. I KNEW Anne was the real deal , I could just tell..i know this is vague but i honestly cannot explain how i knew , I just knew what she was saying was correct. With that being said , my hunch was correct as I researched everything I heard on the channel and it all came back 100%. Watching and learning from the videos on the channel gave me something that only sound knowledge can provide...TRUE CONFIDENCE!!...

Fast forwarding: Anne's channel gave me the confidence I needed by teaching me: YOU MUST!! LEARN THE LAWS OF YOUR CASE. By applying this principle , I was able to find and recite the statute ilcs 750 46/305(i will never forget) which forced the judge to order my childs mother to MOVE BACK WITHiN 90 DAYS!!!!!

Anne's channel taught me: THE JUDGE IS NOT THE AUTHORITY IN THE COURT ROOM, THE LAW IS!!!. By applying this principle I realized that I did not have to convince the judge of anything , all I needed to do was find the law, understand its application and present it in open court. No judge is above the law.

Anne's channel taught me: APPELLATE COURT OPINIONS CONTROL JUDGES!! this showed me i can present a case from a higher court that must be followed or if step one or two fails , I can take this to a higher court and have any decision not based on the law and its application overturned.( the whole court room was shocked I even knew what an appellate court opinion was)

In closing, I am still engaged in court(family court) but with the knowledge Anne has helped me attain , the judge has grown very very fond of me , he actually told me in open court that I would make a top tier lawyer...he would have been more surprised if I told him all this was gained within 1.5 months study time and watching Anne's videos. I have saved THOUSANDS of dollars and Anne taught, all this can be done with will power and without a lawyer.....small fun fact..the Judge told me in open court that he nor 100's of attorneys who came before him knew the statute that i presented.

I want to personally thank Anne for devoting her energy into helping and educating people. I am sure, with knowledge putting out the flames of fear and stress, years have been added to my time on earth ....I want to personally thank Anne and anyone else involved with the council ...this channel has truly been an attribute to me and has changed my life for the better....love peace and respect to you all.”

- Dario M -

“Thanks for the valuable information last night.”

- Kamora E -

“I found the info to be very inciteful.. I have a long way to go. Thanks again!.”

- Tre W -

“Thank you for sharing! Educational as Always. I look forward to the next.”

- Damita J -

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