IRON Sharpens IRON Council 

Our mission is to promote equity, inclusivity, and fairness within the broader community. Committed to upholding the principles of social justice, we strive to identify and address systemic barriers that impede the progress and well-being of marginalized individuals and groups. Through collaborative efforts and informed recommendations, we aim to foster a culture of understanding, empowerment, and positive change, ensuring that every member of our organization and society has equal access to opportunities and resources.

We work to eliminate disparate treatment in the judicial system, expose corrupt officers, obtain equal access to justice and celebrate change makers who raise awareness about social justice issues. We aim to end corruption, exploitation, and the malicious prosecution of vulnerable laypeople in all states, all courts and at all times.

We are stronger together. There is power in speaking your truth out loud. You have the power to transform yourself and impact millions with your story. You have the power to go from powerless to empowered by teaching people how to heal from legal abuse through your experience. Good people can do more good with more.

Stronger together, for the good of all.

Dr. Anelia Sutton, Founder


United we stand, United we win

Together we can do what we can never do alone because there's strength, safety and power in numbers. As a member of the Council, your monthly subscription provides the most up-to-date legal strategies to keep you and your loved ones protected from corrupt officials. Click here to join now!