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master plan – NO lawyer needed 

Knowledge is power but knowledge gains strength in numbers.  Even superheroes become stronger when they team up as a collective.  Same for us legal researchers on the cutting edge to change the world and restore peace and order in a lawless government gone wild.  But we need a critical mass if we’re going to restore order  — and that number is 3000 people. 


I can not take credit for the number. In fact, it was Albert Einstein who discovered the magic number was 3000 to make a difference over 90 years ago! The point is collaboration is the key!   Each must have (1) knowledge of true Self and (2) good intentions in their heart.  It’s just that simple. 


The minimum amount needed and large enough to start a movement to produce a particular result is a critical mass. For us (and any movement), the tipping point is 3000 people with pure hearts and more powerful than 3,000,000 people filled with hate. How divine!




What makes the great GREAT is unity built on love. Need proof? Study Mandela, Ghandi, Tesla, Einstein, MLK, Mother Teresa, Dennis Kimbro and Claud Anderson who all gained worldwide support with love. Stan for love and spread it a germ, fam. It’s literally how we win! ???


Follow this detailed plan on how to increase your knowledge for less than a holiday vacation (under $500 put together).  The BEST part is “No lawyer needed.’ Not a bar card holder or Facebook lawyer who take your money then abandon you. Been there. Done that.  It’s not worth it. 


We must grow in knowledge and spread love like a germ, fam. It’s literally how we win!  If you’ve ever been abused by the legal system and you desire change and are ready to gain the knowledge needed to empower yourself, and empower a new nation, then consider this path to wise up and rise up:


UNITED privately


Step 1:  Purchase Status Correction Course on https://ironsharpensironcouncil.com/masterclass

this is how to restore your lawful standing in private 


Step 2:  Enroll in Jurisdictionary Course on https://ironsharpensironcouncil.com/masterclass

this is how to learn the law of your case to win in public venues such as courts.   


Step 3:  Join the Private Club on http://payhip.com/ironsharpensiron

this is a collective of determined, like-minded people in a PMA (Private Membership Association) working toward a peaceful alliance in a monthly mastermind. It’s high level and you don’t want to miss out. 


united publicly


It’s time to grow our own media network of love, peace, truth, freedom and justice. Here’s how you can help:


 “The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.” – Malcolm X


Step 4:   Subscribe to our channel on YouTube

Subscribe then  share our videos on your social media pages to help grow our channel. 


Step 5:   Like our Fanpage on Facebook

Like our fan page then share it on social media. This will help to grow our news network (same as the YouTube channel). 


Step 6:  Become a member of our free study group on Facebook 

Join the group then invite your friends to the group. It’s easy. While in the group, simply look to the top right to add new members.  We are stronger together. United we stand, united we win. Do not worry yourself about agents and infiltrators. It is inevitable.  But we are a peace mission and innocent as a dove with intentions measured by our heart with a strong affidavit.  


This is far from a sales pitch. It’s about making this world better for us and the next generation.  If you’re serious about winning your case, then take action to empower yourself with knowledge.  Do this and you’ll never have to hire a lawyer again or get scammed by a “Facebook lawyer”.   Are you ready to be your own superhero?  Let’s go! We would love to welcome you as a newest member in our version of the justice league.  No cape needed.  Thank you for your support!



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