our mission


Iron Sharpens Iron Council is a non-profit ministry of researchers and educators with one mission: 

To operate a peaceful ministry and build a global community with job opportunities for under-served communities (a percentage of all your purchases goes to the community) and channel those opportunities towards helping everyone live in alignment with higher purpose.

Our vision of is Unity, Freedom and Prosperity for All by a small group of men and women who desire real change.  

Our main projects include:

We believe the key to elevating humanity is to elevate one person at a time.  We produce shows on YouTube to practice “Each one, teach one”.  To view and subscribe to our channel please click here

MAAT is Mother’s Alliance Against Trafficking to educate, empower and expose men and women to true law and legal superior tactics to win the war imposed upon us. To receive MAAT news via email please click here.  

Building a thriving new advanced city with a sustainable infrastructure to keep everyone safe.  To review the infrastructure plan, please click here.


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