Anelia Sutton is a visionary and humanitarian who is determined to restore justice in a world gone mad. As a mother who turned to legal research to save her own daughter, Anelia Sutton recognized the pattern of abuse from public servants and legal professionals who routinely targeted and preyed upon people who are struggling financially, Anelia's mission was to close the wealth gap by normalizing the jurisprudence (study of law) and generational wealth on both sides of the same coin: legal advocacy and financial literacy.

She now helps non-attorney legal researchers make six-figure breakthroughs in their business by shifting from research mode to legacy mode through the strategic mindset transition to take them from trading time for dollars to making serious bank.

"I believe good people can do more good with more. When enough people have legal knowledge and access to wealth, we will begin to level the playing field and change history within one generation. My book and courses offer the blueprints to the ultimate skip button to becoming bigger, better, braver, and more brilliant to allow everyone to impact the world one course at a time.“

Anelia Sutton created "Anne Smith" as a stage name for ten years to protect her daughter. Today, Anne Smith is the secret identity for her comic book superhero, Sunshine Reign.