Do you know why our overall condition keeps getting worse despite voting for 56 years? It's because they aren't afraid of our voting power, but they are afraid of people becoming united!

If 100K Followers on social media make them the corrupt fear me, what do you think 1M+ Followers will do? My name causes Corrupt cops, prosecutors, and judges to retire!

Revolution is afoot, warriors! It's time to mount up. We ride at dawn. This is SUNLIGHT!

What's the solution to a system that's damaged beyond repair? Replace it with something better. We plan to build a new city as a haven for free thinkers.

Anelia Sutton founded IRON Sharpens IRON Council to change the justice system through true equity, but there are a lot of moving parts.

Your contribution will help us achieve the following initiatives:

  • Build A Lobbyist Team to Lobby for Fair Laws
  • Build A Legal Team to File Class Action Lawsuits
  • Build A Film Studio to Create TV Shows & Films
  • Build A Crisis Management Department to Combat Negative Narratives
  • Build A News Media Center to Feature Survivors
  • Build A Natural Health Center to Help People
  • Build A Safe Community to Protect People

Mailing Address:

IRON Sharpens IRON Council

10482 Baltimore Avenue Suite 248CP

Beltsville, Maryland 20705