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No Bank Loan Needed –  3 WAYS to Become a Real Estate Investor Without a Bank Loan


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no bank loan needed –  3 WAYS to Become a Real Estate Investor Without a Bank Loan


In a tight credit market it’s time to think outside of the box with two alternative strategies to invest in real estate.

Seller financing allows sellers to move a home faster and get a sizable return on the investment. The seller carries the promissory note and mortgage for the entire balance of the home price, less any down payment. If the bank is reluctant to finance the home’s value, sellers can potentially extend credit to buyers to make up the difference. As the Buyer, you can benefit from less stringent qualifying requirements and down payment requirements, obtain flexible rates, and better loan terms on a home that otherwise might be out of reach. Rent the property, then repeat the process. 


Another great strategy is to build and scale your own Airbnb™ business model without owning any property. In a new audiobook by Brian Page, he shares his ‘No Money Down’ formula on how to RENT properties (not purchase) and list them on Airbnb™. He cracked the code on how to rent properties without owning them and automate nearly everything to reap massive rewards even if you’re working part-time. Just one property could make you $1,000 to $3.000 net per month. Brian started by listing one bedroom and after repeating the process with more properties and In less than six months, he earned over six figures. Get the new audiobook HOW TO BECOME FINANCIALLY INDEPENDENT ON AIRBNB™ for just $1.99! Download Your Copy Today! https://www.mybnbfreedom.com/audio-1

Last but not least, Overages is a little known real estate strategy where you can find unclaimed funds for homeowners who lost their homes in foreclosure. Starting an Overages business even on a part time basis can generate 6 figures for you annually without any prior experience in real estate. It’s no secret that tax and bank foreclosures are happening every day across the country. However, now you can help people in a work at home business conducting court research. The best part is you’re helping homeowners get the money they deserve. In my research I found Shawn Buige’s courses are the best to shorten the learning curve. His website is http://www.surplusfundsriches.com/


Starting your own business is the BEST way to financial security and build wealth.  An online business that you can work work at home is the best of both worlds. And based on my research, and subsequent contact with Brian Page and Shawn Buige, I believe their courses are the best in their respective lanes. Check both of them out and let them know that I sent you.  


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