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Foundation Courses

 The foundation courses will empower you with knowledge to win any case with over 20,000+ hours of legal research and  30 years of experience condensed down to 2 days! The results?  Never hire another attorney or “so-called guru” again! Click on Masterclass.


Learn to Succeed

Success isn’t something that happens by accident – you need to learn how to achieve success. The following resources are a way we “pay it forward” by significantly reducing your learning curve by 2,000 to 10,000 hours with each course, how divine!


empower us 

Our goal is to empower you with more community outreach and educational programs.  Will you empower us too? We thank you for your support! If 200,000 people contributed $5, we would have $1M in one day!  With enough support, we can do more, create more,  help more, hire more. Click Donate.




As passionate members of society, we 
give 1% of our turnover to environmental 
and social causes. It’s part of our own 
campaign for positive change.


blue level courses 

Learn how to overcome specific public and commercial issues


red Level courses 

Learn how to operate in a private, non-commercial capacity


purple level courseS

Learn how to operate within your natural spiritual ascended capacity

  • God Awakening Design Course (coming soon)
  • God Awakening Design Journal (coming soon)
  • God Awakening Design Retreat (coming soon)



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